The RISE Score™

The credit score for retirement.


What is the RISE Score™?

Consumers today are demanding more accountability than ever. They want greater surety that their strategies are keeping them "on track" to meet their goals. The Milliman Retirement Income Security Evaluation Score (RISE Score™) is the only tool that provides an easy-to-understand, quantified measure of income security in minutes.

The RISE Score™ is also designed to help answer the simple question: How can their retirement security potentially be improved through the addition of lifetime income solutions in their retirement planning strategy?


Very Poor








Very Good



What Makes the RISE Score Different?


The RISE Score captures all key retirement risks into a single, intuitive number, between 0-850.

Enterprise-Grade Algorithms

Retirement portfolios are assessed with our sophisticated modeling platform, analyzed through thousands of scenarios, capturing a wide range of potential circumstances and outcomes that factor into retirement security.

Meaningful Insights

Our platform can handle a range of simple or complex inputs for sample portfolios, always providing a meaningful measurement of retirement income risk.

Retirement Strategies

The RISE Score offers the retirement investing community valuable insight into how different strategies can address the changing risks over the various stages of retirement.


Our modeling platform is completely flexible and customizable, offering detailed analytics for further transparency into retirement income risk.

Better Outcomes

Ultimately, our platform is designed to enable better investment decision making and to highlight how investment and insurance products can be used together to strengthen retirement income security.

Who could benefit from the Milliman RISE Score™?

Everyone. The RISE Score was designed to help everyone better prepare for retirement. That said, the Milliman RISE Score has countless potential applications for the retirement investing community and could be particularly beneficial to:

  • Consumers interested in better understanding their own retirement readiness
  • Defined contribution plan sponsors interested in better educating plan participants on their retirement readiness
  • Defined contribution institutional recordkeepers and providers interested in enhancing their financial wellness offerings for their plan participants
  • Financial advice groups building their own customer engagement and advice systems
  • Financial advice technology providers
  • Robo-advisers looking to develop a next wave of automated advice offerings
  • Product manufacturers; e.g. insurance companies and asset managers, developing managed account services or performing analysis to more deeply understand how their products' impact people's lives

Who is using the Milliman RISE Score™?

Alliance for Lifetime Income

The Alliance for Lifetime Income is a nonprofit consumer education organization whose mission is to help Americans understand the need for protected lifetime income from an annuity when planning for retirement, so they don't outlive their money.

Institutional Financial Wellness

Milliman's Employee Benefits Administration practice offers this state-of-the-art retirement readiness indicator to help 401(k) and qualified plan participants understand how prepared they are for retirement and how their employer's benefit program fits into their overall planning.